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Frequently asked questions

When should I apply for funding?
We accept applications throughout the year. However, to give your organisation the best chance of succeeding, it is advisable to bear in mind the Trust’s meeting schedule of spring, summer and autumn and complete and submit your application at least 3-4 months before you require the funds.
When is the next meeting date?
The date of the next meeting can be found on the How to apply for a grant page on this website.
What is your average grant size?
For our ‘Under £1,000’ scheme the average grant is £700 and for our ‘Meeting’ grants the average is £4,500.
Do you fund whole projects?
We regard ourselves as a ‘support funder’, that is the Trust will consider an award of an initial grant which may provide leverage to access larger funds from other sources; ‘shortfall funding’ where larger grants have been obtained but there is a shortfall for particular elements of the project; or the project budget is too small to fit the criteria of other funders.
Can you send us application details and guidelines by e-mail?
Yes. To request our guidelines pamphlet please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Does the Trust have an application form?
No. The Trust welcomes signed letters of application.  As a guide, we suggest you submit up to 3 pages and follow the bullet points in the ‘Applications’ section.
What if our organisation is not a registered charity, can we still apply?
Yes. We welcome applications from most charitable organisations. The Trust however can only make payments to registered charities. Please contact your local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) who can administer or process a grant payment on your behalf. A list of local CVS’s and website addresses can be found on our links page.
What happens after we send in our application to the Trust?

Your application for our quarterly meeting will be acknowledged. If your organisation or project does not meet our criteria we will write to you explaining the reasons why your application has been rejected. If your application is eligible we may contact you to request more information, to arrange a visit, or to ask for a funding update of your project. The Trust Secretary then appraises your application to ensure that the Trustees have the relevant information to make an informed decision on your request for funds. A summary of the project is then produced and will be presented to the Trustees at their next meeting.
If you are requesting funding under £1,000 your application will be presented to a Trustee usually around 4-6 weeks of receiving all the information we need.

What happens after the Trustee Meeting and how long will it take?
We will write to you within 2 weeks following the meeting to advise whether your application has been successful or not.  If you are successful, a cheque will be enclosed with the letter together with a returnable receipt and feedback form. If your application is unsuccessful your letter will explain the Trustees reasons.
What happens after we receive the Trust’s grant?
Immediately upon receiving a grant payment, you must complete and return to the Trust an acknowledgement receipt. You should bank grant cheques as soon as possible after receipt. You may be contacted by an independent assessor to arrange an informal visit. Also enclosed will be a feedback form for completion and return to the Trust.
What is the feedback form for?
We like to know how the grant has helped your organisation and if you have achieved what you set out to do. It also plays an important part in our audit procedure.
Why was my application not successful?
The application fell outside the Trust’s criteria and/or area of benefit.
The application was not submitted in accordance with the Trust’s guidelines.
Requested supporting documentation and/or further information was not received.
There were similar organisations or projects considered which had higher priority.
The Trust had insufficient funds to meet all the requests received.
Can we re-apply for funds?
Yes: Unsuccessful applicants must wait 12 months before re-applying. Successful applicants must wait at least 18 to 24 months before re-applying. The Trustees’ consideration of any future grants will take into account proper acknowledgement of any previous grant awarded.
Can we use the Sir James Knott logo?
With the Trust’s permission the logo is available for use by grant recipients. Please contact the Trust to receive the logo by email.

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